Our philosophy and promise

My family comes from a long line of Australian travellers.

In the 50s and 60’s my grandparents, George and Mary would pack up the caravan and the car with as many kids as would fit and head out onto the open road. In their years after retirement they took every opportunity to hook up the van and explore Australia. They instilled a passion for camping and caravanning in my parents, who have passed this onto me and my siblings and now, our children.

You could say that we have an itch to travel, an itchy foot!

Some of the greatest things about travelling around Australia are the people you meet, the stories we all tell and importantly, the information we share. We have created Itchyfoot to record your travel experiences and to share your knowledge with the rest of the Australian travelling community.

Joining the Itchyfoot community means that you can add new items such as attractions and accommodation, review your favourite café, tell others what to avoid, upload photos of an event and much, much more.

We promise that;

1. We will NEVER ask you for credit card details or other financial information. If you receive any correspondence from Itchyfoot asking for financial information it is a scam! Ignore it and contact us.

2. Much of the information you provide on joining (next step) is optional. It is only used only to tailor your experience.

3. We will NEVER track your movements. BUT we do use ‘cookies’ to help tailor your experience.

4. We will NEVER intentionally provide your information to a third party.

5. We will ALWAYS listen to your suggestions and ideas of how to improve your experience.

6. We will ALWAYS strive to create a better site.

I hope you find being a member of Itchyfoot enjoyable and rewarding.

Let’s scratch the itch and share the experience!