In search of the Australia's best pies

Have you ever diverted off the highway by a sign claiming: “Australia’s best pies”, “The best pies on the coast”, “Awarded No 1 Best Pie”. They curiously appear around 11am no matter where you are driving, just as the first rumblings start! You know the ones.

I am sure you have known the disappointment of biting into that pie and realising that perhaps the claims may have been fabricated. Well Itchyfoot is going to change all that!

Now your fellow Itchyfooters are going to help you avoid that disappointment. All you have to do is:
1. Log onto
2. Search for the pie shop by name or town
3. If it is there, then check what other Itchyfooters have said about it and how they have rated it
4. If it is not there, ‘scratch the itch’, have the pie, add the pie shop, take a pic and give it a rating ‘Share the experience’