Itchy blog

In search of the Australia's best pies

Have you ever diverted off the highway by a sign claiming: “Australia’s best pies”, “The best pies on the coast”, “Awarded No 1 Best Pie”. They curiously appear around 11am no matter where you are driving, just as the first rumblings start! You know the ones.

I am sure you have known the disappointment of biting into that pie and realising that perhaps the claims may have been fabricated. Well Itchyfoot is going to change all that!

Our philosophy and promise

My family comes from a long line of Australian travellers.

In the 50s and 60’s my grandparents, George and Mary would pack up the caravan and the car with as many kids as would fit and head out onto the open road. In their years after retirement they took every opportunity to hook up the van and explore Australia. They instilled a passion for camping and caravanning in my parents, who have passed this onto me and my siblings and now, our children.

You could say that we have an itch to travel, an itchy foot!